«Relentless» and Socially Relevant Filmmaking.


One of myfavorite thing to do is to create media, that not only tells a story, but also brings awareness to a social crisis. I'm helping with the new creation of a long time friend, director Lance Tracey, who is directing «Relentless». It's a feature film  about human trafficking, set in Los Angeles and El Salvador.

The Kickstarter campaign for the film just launched, please check it out and contribute to this fantastic cause and the creation of «Relentless». Check out the website for details, watch this video and make sure to spread the word.

RIP George Duke. Friend and Musical Legend


I am shocked and saddened. It's hard to believe. I wish it was one of those death hoaxes. Tragically it's true. A living musical legend George Duke died today in Los Angeles. On his shoulders stand generations of musicians.

He was just 67. We still don't know exactly what happened. I know this last year was very hard for George, after he lost his beloved wife Corine to cancer. He couldn't write music for the longest time after her death. Luckily, he was able to leave us one last album «Dreameaver».  

How finding you passion changes everything.


I am absolutely convinced that most people don't live out of a place of passion, and are therefore living unsatisfied lives. You can hardly blame them, in an post industrial world, it's much easier to fall in and get by with minimum resistance. There are many obstacles to living out of a place of passion. It's not practical, it's not what people expect of you, it might not make you rich and famous, it's scary and too new agy of an idea. And yet deep inside, most of us feel a deep need to live like that.

I just had lunch with a good friend, a remarkable professional, who was feeling the need to change things because his work, although well paid lacked significance and passion. Very few people even get to that place, as to question the status quo. Because, what if the questioning leads to a need to change things?  Scary.

Talk with the great George Duke — Part 2


This is a much overdue Part 2 from our interview with the great George Duke. We talk about the creative process of songwriting,  producing and what it takes to be successful in the music business. It's a honor and a joy to have George as a friend and to get to collaborate with him.

 Enjoy the interview and make sure you repost this... If you missed Part 1, you can view it HERE. 

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